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FIA Gospel Productions, Atlanta Sub-Factor, FIA Broadcast Network, WFIA, ISE, SRM, KCS2, FIA Sound Reinforcement as well as other affiliates are subsidiaries of FIA Corporation. All inquiries can be made to
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WFIA is an automated system that showcases both music and talk show productions 24-hours a day and 7-days per week. Visitors can hear both pre-recorded talk shows and their favorite FIA artists.
WFIA Hybrid Radio Station
TV Broadcast Productions
Music and Artist Productions
KCS-Squared Film and Animations
Studio Software
FIA's Song and Artist Tracking System was developed to facilitate day to day operations of a music studio and handle aspects of independent label management. This multifaceted tracking system is an extremely valuable tool that is being marketed to individuals or companies who want more organization and the ability to measure company growth.
KCS-Squared Film and Animations creatively focuses on a wide range of film, animation, and music videos. The developed products reflect FIA’s attention to detail in pursuit of excellence.
Music productions take place in MOSA studios (a FIA subsidiary) and involves either FIA Gospel or Atlanta Sub-Factor Production Teams. The collaborative efforts in the studios are aimed at artists across all musical genres (although the primary focus is gospel).
FIA Broadcast Network provides appealing talk shows that connect to various audiences. The format for the hybrid TV shows are similar to regular TV shows, but are designed for the internet. The shows entertain and provide up to date information for thousands of viewers who regularly tune in to watch their favorite show hosts and guests.
FIA Corporation has been serving the Atlanta community in music as well as video broadcasting and production since 1993. While the company thrives in many entertainment categories, some of the current corporate subsidiaries include:
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Mosa StudiosVideo Streaming to Website by v2.1
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In Production: as viewed through the control room window. Artists, associates, musicians, show hosts, and producers.
  • Dr P Jazz CD in ProductionJazz CD: Dr P is in production: Gospel Jazz CD release schedulled for May, 2014. Songs available.
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SRM Programing Dynamics is now seeking software Beta Testers: email to be a tester...
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