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FIA Corporation focuses on music production, video production, digital editing, music industry education, computer manufacturing, and management software development. While all aspects of the company are fully initiated, the heart of the company's purpose lies in the music industry.

The company began its Gospel Music Label first and recently expanded by developing a R&B/Hip Hop/Rap label. Making a joyful noise has been very rewarding. Music is a very effect way to reach people where they are and inspire individuals in many areas of their lives. The music production component of FIA consists of two independent record labels -- FIA Gospel Records and Def System Seven Records which have both grown over the years in conjunction with the development of FIA's digital studio. We have had the opportunity to work with many people, both gospel and secular who are extremely talented and versatile.

The Song and Artists Tracking System, the second mainstay of the company was developed to facilitate day to day operations in the studio and handle the business aspects of the independent labels. There are many hats to be worn in the music business and usually few people to wear them. Therefore this software is extremely valuable and is now available to individuals with a similar purpose. This is the third version of the tracking system which represents an extensive effort in the design of a multifaceted-fully functional tracking system. Although this product can not support a technical support staff, we are interested in your comments.

Thank you for your interest in this Corporation and its products and services and good luck in your music endeavors!

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