KCS-Squared managed sound, voice overs, and provided camera-man operations during the filming of "Breaking Their Silence" by co-directors Emily James and Ron Johnson. The slide show above is from behind the scenes.
Secrets (stage play)
KCS-Squared provided musicianship during the live performance and produced the sound tracks for this stage play which was written and directed by Emily James. The songs were written by Job Titus Cannon and featured the vocal talents of many talented actors.
Breaking Their Silence (film)
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Stay tuned: More KCS-Squared productions will be provided in the near future...
KCS-Squared and Atlanta Sub Factor Productions were blessed to have the opportunity to work with Sherrell Anderson on her hit play "Who Cares". In addition to sound reinforcement, we produced a song for the play featuring the gifted vocalist, Mionne Destiny. She is a remarkable talent and delivered in the studio as well as on stage. Continued success to Sherrell, Raphael, the "Teens What's the Rush" family!
"Hannah's Prayer" Video
In its first solo film production effort, KCS-Squared (Dr. P.) chose to develop a music video for the song "Hannah's Prayer" after first completing the music production. The film was shot on numerous location around Atlanta. Artist Stephanie Bookman showcased her talents as s song writer and actor since this was also her first artist music video.
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Jams Atheletics is the home for the extremely successful cheerleading gymnastics team, "Platinum Elite Allstars". DS7 provided audio editing for the choreographed floor routines for the various squads on the teams.
Demi and the cast and crew for TI's Kids visited Mosa Recording Studios to shoot a "Recording contract" episode scene in 2012.